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The Sychophant
the official unoffical Tim Skold site
28th-Oct-2007 10:56 am - In Vegas. . .
As of Monday through Thursday all of the webmistresses of the site are going to Las Vegas to see Tim in concert. We will be able to respond to anything on Friday. But until then we are gone.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But afterwards we will have some reviews and maybe some other things posted on the forum so stay tuned.
30th-Sep-2007 03:01 pm - New and improved!
The main site, the myspace and the livejournal! We are working on a new style for the gallery and forum as well. On the forum we are going to offer more choices for our members to have. So if you haven't sign up on it!

The site had more downloads added(including a Myspace layout), 3 new fan stories/concert reviews have been added, and a little media player, chalk full of 30 second Skold clips.

Go take a look around and enjoy yourself.

  Accept no imitations! Be apart of The Sychophant!

-The Sychophant staff
16th-Sep-2007 08:31 pm - News of things to come.
Ladies and gentleman:

The Sychophant is being revamped. With more and better organized content. The Livejournal and the Myspace are all being redesigned to reflect these changes. With the site being revamped we are going to host a video that I don't think many Skold fans have seen. Seeing as we acquired permission to host it it will be placed into our video section. We are also adding a few special things to the downloads section.

There are things going on, it's just been hectic, we promise the most, and we deliver the most. Accept no imitations. We hope you all will enjoy what we have to offer in the near future.

Many thanks for your support.

23rd-Aug-2007 08:32 am - Tour dates and Gallery Updates
The gallery has been updated with more pictures form the Rape Of The World tour.

And more tour dates have been added.

Coming soon:
A few reviews and some other special things for our members.
7th-Aug-2007 10:43 pm - A Fun Little Update!
The gallery has been totally rearranged. I come to all my fellow Skold fans, if you have any live pictures from Skold, please donate to the Sychophant! You will be properly credited.

This whole revamp came from some other surprises we have brewing.

Also, if you are a lurker and have yet to join the forum. Other than joining it which you should do anyway- because we are nice people and could always use more members. It now come with our own form of entertainment. .tim Comix Sure it comes from me, Ay, being bored but they are funny.

I'll even give you a sample:
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