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The Sychophant

the official unoffical Tim Skold site

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A community for the official unofficial Tim Skold website
This LiveJournal is for The Sychophant. The official unofficial Tim Skold website. It houses site updates. So when the site is updated it will be posted here.

If you are interested in the website please go here. If you are interested in joining the forum go here.

This LiveJournal also allows icon/background/layout artists a place to feature their icons/backgrounds/layouts on LiveJournal.

Join away to keep your tabs on the site.

Note:This livejournal is moderated posts only. Because it is for a site and not just a community about Tim Skold. If you have content you would like to post e-mail NessusMallum@gmail.com and I can post it with credit to your journal. If your content is good, and the staff agrees we will allow you to have posting access.

These sites are in no way affiliated with Tim Skold, his family, friends, or any business associates. Our opinions may differ from those aforementioned. We are not held responsible if your digital artwork gets stolen.